Award Recipients

In addition to special recognition offered throughout the year to congregants and staff, Temple Beth Am maintains a few special awards which are presented either on an annual or periodic basis.

Harry Gunther Service Award

The Harry Gunther Service Award is presented annually to a deserving Beth Am member who has worked during the prior year for the benefit of the Temple community in a way which would be considered “above and beyond.”


2021–22 — Andrew Berman, Michelle Weber

2020–21 — Evelyn Greer, Alex Krys

2019–20 — Carolina Gurland

2018–19 — Joshua Kaye

2017–18 — Donald McClaskey

2016–17 — Dan Levine

2015–16 — Melissa Buckner, Pamela Lear

2014–15 — Gary Davis, Jonathan Kislak, Michelle Sarason

2013–14 — Edith Einspruch, Adrienne Messing

2012–13 — David Deutch, Dan Koffsky

2011–12 — Lisa Heller Green, Brad Sokol

2010–11 — Lawrence S. Forman

2009–10 — Susan & Richard Lampen

2008–09 — Donna Feldman, Mark Gilbert

2007–08 — Adrian Dubow, Ed Schmidt

2006–07 — Neil Littauer, Alan Rosenthal

Richard W. Hoffman

Karen Kammer
Irwin Katz

Frank Hessel
Dan Koffsky
Howard Wolofsky

Lawrence S. Forman
Richard Yulman

Elisabeth Frank

Debbie Freedman

Jay Rossin

Gary P. Cohen

Ronald Fieldstone
Robert G. Berrin

Joe Jacoby
John Sumberg

Richard Browdy
Carol Flicker
Bonnie Webman

Colleen Fain
Dr. Michael Margulies

Jodi Hessel
Lilian Serviansky
Dr. Peter Sobel
William Sussman

Samuel Steen

Syd Oltchick
William Saulson
Dr. William E. Silver

Mark Buchbinder
Dr. Melvin Rappaport
Sheila Stieglitz

Robert Berney
Doreen Marx Krulewitch
Ira Pozen

Col. Arthur Conn
Leo Gelber

Teddi Segal

Diana Elson
Evelyn Goodman

Selma Rappaport

Selma Baumgard

Stan Mintz

Iris Franco

Irving Epstein

Talmud Torah Award

The Talmud Torah Award honors congregants who contribute to the Temple by engaging thoughtfully in its adult education programs and encourage participation in them.


2019 — Jonathan I. Kislak

2018 — Nancy Kraemer

2017 — Joseph Jacoby

2016 — Karen Willner

2015 — Dianne & Dr. Stuart Gottlieb

2014 — Jordan Bittel (z”l)

2013 — Bob Price

2012 — Edith Einspruch

2011 — Marty & Shirley Levinson

2010 — George Bosin (z”l), Robert Sandler (z”l)

2009 — Susan L. Henkin

2008 — Robyn C. Fisher

2007 — Richard W. Hoffman

2006 Mark Oren
2005 David Schwadron (Special Award to Rabbi Morris Kipper z”l)
2004 Steve Simon
2003 Paul Distenfeld and Anabela Moskovitz
2002 Judith Bittel
2001  Edward Schwartz
2000  Peter Sobel
1999 Michael Margulies

Committee of 100 ‘Family of the Year’

Each year, Temple Beth Am is proud to recognize an outstanding family of volunteers with the Committee of 100 “Family of the Year” Award, for continued participation in our Temple community and an ongoing commitment to congregational leadership.


2022 — Michelle, Gary, Lillian and Francesca Kramer

2020 — Rebecca, Arnaud, Gabriel, Sarah and Ari Karsenti

2019 — Jessica, Adam, Serafina, Michael & Samantha Moskowitz

2018 — Rachel, Ryan, Sasha, William & Edward Bailine

2017 — Ana, Robert, Emma & Ruben Behar and Niki, Jeff, Zach & Tyler Marcus

2016 — Lauren, Dan, Jaclyn & Ray Levine

2015 — Staci, Steven, Matthew, Daniel & Brooke Solomon

2014 — Julianne, Dan, Remy, Mackenzie & Chase Farkas

2013 — Mindy, Jeremy, Dylan, Jessica & Connor Leathe

2012 — Tracey, Larry, Lindsay & AJ Spiegelman

2011 — Jackie, Richard, Allison & Abby Siegel

Robert Hersh Professional Excellence Award

The Robert Hersh Professional Excellence Award was created in 2019 to honor Robert Hersh, in recognition of his consistent pursuit of excellence over 15 years as Executive Director of Temple Beth Am (2004–2019).


2022 — Sharón Levi

2021 — Neil Littauer

2019 — Robert Hersh

Woman of Valor

Every few years, our congregation honors extraordinary women as a Woman of Valor. This award recognizes women who have left their indelible mark throughout the Temple Beth Am campus and have helped define the clear vision for our future and our deserving community, and who promote, support and encourage the overall mission of the Temple Beth Am community, including the Synagogue, Day School, Religious School and our Youth Programs.


2018 — Melissa Buckner, Adrian Dubow, Jodi Hessel and Patti Sacks

2013 — Lynn Cromer, Lenore Kipper, Laura Koffsky and Lily Serviansky

2008 — Jackie Berney, Colleen Fain, Stacey Shoer and Rita Swichkow