An Integrated Approach to Being Jewish

Temple Beth Am Religious School was established more than 60 years ago, coinciding with the formation of the Temple Beth Am congregation in 1955. The school provides quality education for its youngest students in Pre-K through seniors in 12th grade. Our program has taught and inspired thousands of young people over the years. Many of the school’s alumni are actively involved in today’s Jewish world, whether professionally or as volunteer leaders.

Temple Beth Am Religious School enjoys a reputation as a school of distinction. Family education programs, mitzvah field trips, Judaic arts enrichment, Hebrew language skills, Bar and Bat Mitzvah training, and a Shabbat morning “family school” highlight the hands-on curriculum facilitated by talented and dedicated teachers and clergy.

Temple Beth Am Religious School is one of the few schools nationwide that earns unparalleled support from its parents’ organizations, PSTARS. With their help, each year we provide need base scholarships to Religious School families in need, as well as bring in programs that motivate our students and families. When you register your child in classes, you will have the opportunity to pay your family membership of $36 at that time.

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Our Goal

It is our goal to enable students and their families to adopt an integrated approach to being Jewish and make a lifetime commitment to the celebration of Judaism.

Religious School Programs

Our Teachers

Our teachers bring the school programs to life by using the most creative and current methods. They meet regularly for professional growth seminars, to hone their teaching skills and study Judaism. They are committed to the important process of educating our children and transmitting our precious Jewish values to them.

Tzedakah/Tikkun Olam

Helping others in need is an important Jewish value and an essential part of Jewish life. It is also a part of our ongoing program. Tzedakah is collected at every Sunday class session and students are encouraged to bring in their contributions as often as they can. At various times during the year, classes decide to which charitable organizations they will send their tzedakah collections.

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Our fellowships allow teens to take action for significant social, economic and environmental problems both within and beyond the Jewish community.

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Prayer Mastery

Hebrew prayer mastery is an important component of our curriculum. Students can become fluent in reciting and singing the prayers by listening to recordings.

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PSTARS Parent Involvement

PSTARS was created to promote interaction among parents, teachers, students, clergy, and administrators for the betterment of the students.

Temple Beth Am

Youth Engagement Religious School

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Tamara Donnenfeld, M.A.R.E., RJE
Director of Lifelong Learning — 786.364.9416
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Sumiko Zayon
Youth Engagement Director — 786.364.9419
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Lisa Reichert
Administrative Assistant and Registrar — 786.364.9417
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Daniel Goldberg
Administrative Assistant/Educator — 786.364.9415
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Emergency School Closings

Periodically, severe weather conditions require the Religious School to close. In general, we are closed when conditions warrant Miami-Dade County Public Schools to close. Please consult radio and TV news for announcements of school closings. You can also call the temple at 305.667.6667 for updated information about the closing of specific programs.