Understanding Our Neighbors

At Temple Beth Am, we have been discussing a need to better understand our neighbors. We recognize the necessity of talking with our neighbors, to learn about their lives and beliefs as we hope to share more about ours.

What if we knew our neighbors better?

Could we create a community that is more understanding, kind, cohesive, and supportive?

Let’s undo the bias through education.

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unBIASed Initiative Mission

Temple Beth Am’s unBIASed Initiative seeks to address antisemitism and all forms of hate in our community through events, learning opportunities, partnerships, youth engagement, editorials in community newspapers, social media, and more.

Break the Bias

Please join us for Break the Bias, a meaningful and important panel discussion to kick-off Temple Beth Am’s unBIASed Initiative.

Featuring speakers ranging from high-school to adults, the panel includes representation of backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths, ages, and genders.