Teen Programming is Full of

Excitement and Fun!

Expect stimulating weekend retreats, temple shul-ins, overnights, community service opportunities, travel with a purpose, and more!

The temple Youth Department believes that Judaism is better lived than studied. Every year, we continue to provide educational and experiential opportunities for Jewish youth that will enable teens to choose and connect with their unique Jewish journey. Judaism is multi-faceted and ever evolving; we are confident that teens will find meaning, community and growth in our programs listed here or in any additional ideas they share with us.

To celebrate Jewishness is extraordinary. We are beyond excited to explore our teens’ personal and unique relationship with Judaism! Youth begins with YOU, and we need your input and your presence to be successful.

Monday Night CHAI

Monday Night CHAI is the best night of the week! Monday nights are for teens to see their Jewish friends, nurture their minds, and enjoy a yummy dinner together! BAFTY and BAFTY 78 youth groups meet during the first hour of Monday Night CHAI for incredible, fun, and meaningful social and educational programming!


BAFTY (Beth Am Federation of Temple Youth) is our high school youth group for teens in grades 9-12.

We also offer BAFTY groups for K-2nd Grade, 3rd-4th Grade, 5th-6th Grade, and 7th-8th Grade. Explore the sidebar to the right!

It is our goal to bring together a diverse group of Jewish teens to engage in Judaic programming, form lasting friendships, and participate in amazing programs around South Florida! We meet once a week during the first hour of Monday Night CHAI (Mondays, 5:45-6:45 PM) for programming created and directed by the fantastic teen leaders on the BAFTY board.

BAFTY is a safe, accepting environment where passionate teens come together as an involved Jewish community. BAFTY is a place where we learn who we are as people, as Jews, and as friends.


Our Fellowship program provides a framework and a springboard to prompt advocacy and action through the study of Jewish texts.

9th-12th graders, if you’re curious about others, a peace-seeker, interested in healthy dialogue with other cultures and religions, then this program is for you!

Every month, participants will learn about different religions, visit local places of worship, and engage in conversation and study.

11th and 12th graders, join our award-winning Social Justice Teen Fellowship program! The Social Justice Teen Fellowship program is an exclusive, action-oriented program that seeks to empower Fellows to take responsibility and action for significant social, economic, and environmental issues, both within and beyond the Jewish community.

Limited to only two 9th-11th grade students interested in deepening their understanding of our ancient sources, this unique year-long program offers an academic space to increase students’ identity with the Jewish People, their love of the Land of Israel, their love of text, and their love of Torah. Fellows will meet weekly with Rabbi Barras in his study.

9th Grade Pre-Confirmation

A Year of Introspection for 9th Graders

After a good deal of brainstorming and taking their interests and hectic schedules into consideration, we have designed a relevant and meaningful program specifically for incoming high school students.

The Pre-Confirmation Track meets monthly, during the second hour of Monday Night CHAI. It offers a unique and dynamic program that combines Torah based interactive lessons with music, lyrics, and videos as triggers for discussions and activities.

The 9th grade curriculum focuses on Jewish identity, Torah, God, and the land of Israel.

The program includes a weekend trip to Memphis, TN, the cradle of the Civil Rights movement. Throughout the weekend, students will tour places that made history, and meet with people, organizations, houses of prayer, musicians as well as community, and religious leaders to better understand how learning and history relates to the various themes and issues we are discussing and debating.

10th Grade Confirmation

Reaffirm our Jewish Identity

Confirmation is a life-cycle service developed by leaders of the Reform Movement more than 100 years ago to honor teenagers who have decided to continue their Jewish education into adulthood. Teens gather to meet, learn, and engage with our clergy, faculty, and each other to reaffirm their Jewish identity and commitment to Judaic study.

Confirmation takes place during Monday Night CHAI each week. As part of the MNC experience, your teen will be able to choose from a diverse selection of electives in the first hour, while the second block will be dedicated to Confirmation.


Religious School Counselors’ Program

For 8th-12th Graders. Our TBAM madrichim program promotes the development of leadership skills as you serve in our Religious School Programs as role models for students in grade K-6, and engage in other leadership opportunities such as volunteering for Kids Kehilah, How ’bout Shabbat and BAFTY events for elementary school children.

Israel Opportunities

Israel awaits! Discover the gift of a week-long, immersive trip to Israel for Jewish 8th graders.

IsraelNow is an 8th grade educational experience in Israel designed to give participants a meaningful, intense, emotional and focused taste of the land and their heritage through a week long, hands-on trip. For more information, reach out to our Religious School staff.

Israel Matters is a course in Monday Night CHAI. This course is an opportunity to learn about Israel before experiencing it in the spring break 8th grade trip! Here is a chance for teens to discover for themselves why Israel matters to them. Through online activities and games, teens will meet an Israel not taught in most schools. With these tools, get to know the country in an entirely different way! For more information, reach out to Tamara Donnenfeld at [email protected].

NFTY in Israel

For 11th and 12th graders. Imagine the most incredible summer of your life. NFTY in Israel offers a variety of different programs that connect you to the Jewish homeland. Hike, climb, discover, and explore with new friends from across North America! Return home with endless personal accomplishments, meaningful memories, and stories you’ll never forget.

Alexander Muss High School in Israel

For 10th-12th graders, the Alexander Muss High School in Israel is a non denominational, pluralistic, academic study abroad program in Israel for high school students. Education is imparted through experience and history is infused into all outings and adventures! The two month study abroad program follows a chronological curriculum of 4,000 years by actually traveling through history, using the land of Israel as a “living classroom.”

Leon Martin March of the Living

For 12th graders, the March of the Living is a two-week international experience where teens from around the world come together each year and bear witness to the Holocaust in Poland and then travel to Israel to rejoice in the Jewish Homeland. The program commemorates Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, marching from Auschwitz to Birkenau, and celebrates Yom HaAtzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, in the streets of Jerusalem.

Gift of Israel

Formerly known as the Passport to Israel, the Gift of Israel helps to provide students with the opportunity to participate in an educational trip to Israel during their teen years. This program is sponsored by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Click here to learn more.