Religious School Counselors’ Program

Hey, 9th–12th graders! Do you love working with young children? Are you interested in earning community service hours?

Our TBAM Madrichim Program promotes the development of leadership skills as you serve in our Religious School Programs as role models for students in grade K–6.

Our new Machon Le Madrichim (Leaders’ Course) will include intensive training sessions during the month of September, while Religious School is in session.

First Aid and CPR Training & Certification is now included in the Madrichim program. This training will provide you with the ability to act quickly in emergency situations, strengthen your problem-solving skills and empower you with greater self confidence. These life skills will set you apart when you apply for college and future jobs.

As a madrich/madricha you will have the amazing opportunities to help our younger students grow and develop Jewishly by:

  • Leading “informal education sections,” including but not limited to our new segment: Warming up Ba boker (in the morning), tzedakah and milat haShavua (word of the week).
  • Running workshops (sadnaot) that will vary based on interests.
  • Participating in weekly training sessions
  • Serving as a positive Jewish role model, showing our students how much fun, and meaning there is in Jewish learning and life!
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