MACHON LE MADRICHIM: Empowering Teen Leaders for Educational Excellence

At Temple Beth Am (TBAM), we are proud to present the Machon Le Madrichim program, a dynamic program designed to foster leadership skills and community engagement among 8th to 12th grade teens.

This innovative program equips our participants, known as madrichim, with the tools they need to become effective classroom aides, role models, and active contributors to the vibrancy of our Religious School and Youth Department Programs.

In simple terms, the Machon Le Madrichim program opens doors to numerous benefits. When teens take part, they not only boost their leadership skills and feel more connected to the temple community, but
they also set themselves up for wider opportunities. These can include leading younger campers, taking on important roles both at the temple and in other places, and getting ready for the challenges and possibilities that come with college and whatever lies beyond.

*Madrichim is the Hebrew word for guides, derived from the word derech which means route, path, or way of life. Madrichim are teen-aged leaders both inside and outside of the classroom – acting as role models for students and as assistants to our teachers.

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