2022 — Michelle, Gary, Lillian and Francesca Kramer

We Salute the Kramer Family, honored as the Committee of 100’s 2022 ‘Family of the Year’

Each year, Temple Beth Am is proud to recognize an outstanding family of volunteers. Congratulations to the Kramer Family — Michelle, Gary, Lillian and Francesca — who were honored on April 24, 2022 as recipients of the Committee of 100’s 2022 “Family of the Year” Award, for their continued participation in our Temple community and their ongoing commitment to congregational leadership.

Pictured above, Gary and Michelle Kramer, with their daughters, Francesca and Lily.
Pictured above, Gary and Michelle Kramer, with their daughters, Francesca and Lily.

Gary, who grew up at Temple Beth Am and is an alumnus of the Day School, has served on the Rambam Day School Board since 2020. He has practiced pediatric medicine with Coral Gables-based Pediatric Specialists since 2002, and in 2005 assumed leadership of the practice. As a pediatrician, Gary plays a vital role with the Beth Am COVID-19 Task Force, helping our leadership make important decisions which have affected the synagogue and our schools during the COVID era.

Michelle first became involved with Rambam Day School as a parent, actively participating in the activities of our parent-teacher organization, PATIO, first as Treasurer, then Vice President of Early Childhood and, finally, Vice President of Elementary School. Simultaneously, Michelle served a leadership role in our Annual Auction. She has been on the Temple Beth Am Board of Directors for several years, and is a member of the Executive Committee, serving first as Vice President-Development and now as Vice President-At Large. She also serves on the Steering Committee of the “Beyond the Curve” capital campaign. After nearly a decade in the Public Defender’s office, Michelle now works as an Assistant Attorney General in the Miami Office of the Florida Attorney General.

Lily, a third grader at Rambam Day School who began in our Early Childhood program, loves tennis, the ocean and spending time with friends. She was elected to the student council and has loved serving her community. Lily is known for her contagious giggles

A first grader at Rambam Day School, Francesca enjoys soccer, basketball and — like her sister — playing tennis. She also began here in Early Childhood and her smile has been lighting up the school ever since.

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