2009 — Susan L. Henkin

We are delighted to recognize Susan Henkin as the recipient of the 11th annual Talmud Torah Award.

photo of Susan HenkinSusan and her husband, Ed, moved to Miami from New York 11 years ago and enrolled their three children — Sydnie, Maddy and Leo — at Temple Beth Am Day School. Susan then became active in PATIO, and at Lenore Kipper’s request, served as a Day School representative to the Adult Education Committee. This led to serving on the Executive Committee of the Day School Board and many other Temple Committees, culminating with her installation on April 20, 2009 as Beth Am’s Executive Vice President.

Far and away Susan’s favorite part of our community quickly became her weekly participation in the Saturday morning Minyan service. She learned to chant Torah and gradually became a regular, not only at services but at Rabbi Bookman’s weekly Torah study as well. Susan also studied with Rabbi Simon for the last seven years with a small group of women on Monday mornings. First, they tackled all of the five books of Torah, and this past year moved on to the Books of Joshua and Ruth, and most recently began study of selected Psalms.

Susan’s passion for learning spilled over into teaching, and for the last six years she has taught the “Mitzvah” component to seventh graders during Monday Night School. As a teacher she really became a more committed student. Ed and Susan still have found time to study with Miami friends, and even enjoyed the pleasure of attending Shabbat morning Torah study with their youngest child, Leo.

The Temple Beth Am community proudly honors Susan Henkin on this well-deserved achievement!

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