Monday Night CHAI (7th–12th Grades)

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Our mission is to engage teens through experiential education, empower them to be knowledgeable, active members of the Jewish community and create social experience to have fun with their Jewish friends.

YERS is a wonderful educational and social opportunity for your teen to acquire Jewish skills, strengthen his/her Jewish identity and prepare him/herself to live according to Jewish traditions and values.

Monday Night CHAI offers the opportunity of experiencing Jewish living within a peer group setting. Your teen has the opportunity to focus on learning Judaism through a variety of lenses while socializing with other Jewish teens. It is no longer “one size fits all”; rather, we have designed a spectrum of programs that serve as entry points to continue their Jewish journey. There will be something for everyone. This interest-based program is geared to engage our teens in subjects they enjoy, with a Jewish twist.

Teens will be able to choose from a variety of MNC courses (subject to minimum enrollment).


For more information about 7th–12th Grade Activities, contact Tamara Donnenfeld, Director of Lifelong Learning, 786.364.9416 or [email protected].

YERS - 2019-2020 Year in Review from Temple Beth Am on Vimeo.

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