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Sunday Salon: A Centennial Perspective of 1924

A Centennial Perspective of 1924 by Marsha Cohen

Join us as we welcome back Marsha Cohen for an outstanding presentation: A Centennial Perspective of 1924.

Let’s step back a hundred years into a time machine: President Calvin Coolidge slammed the “golden door,” ending a century of Jewish emigration that had brought 2 million Jews to the U.S from Europe. The Fourth Aliyah to Palestine had begun. In Russia, Lenin died, and the Soviet Union took shape. A secular nation of Turkey replaced the defunct Ottoman caliphate. In Germany, Adolf Hitler went on trial for treason after instigating the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. We will discover the many ways in which events of 1924 shaped the 20th century and our world today.

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Sunday, Feb 11 2024
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10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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