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Sunday Salon: The Name Israel

The Name Israel, by Michael Alter

Israel is a divine name. The Name Israel is scholarly, niche project that provides its readers with an informative, meaningful, and spiritually uplifting reading experience. The purpose of The Name Israel is to investigate the name employing four levels of study (PaRDeS): peshat, remez, derash, and sod. Each level is deeper and more profound than its predecessor. This text is divided into eight chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 explore the historical name Israel and pardes (four methods of Bible interpretation.) The book also details the shapes and sizes of the letters, permutations of Israel, anagrams, and gematria (numerology.) Additionally, it includes a discussion of the Four World system, the ten sefirot, and an overview of Parshat Vayishlach (Gen 32:4-33 and Gen 35:10.) Throughout, The Name Israel analyzes the first word of the Torah (Bereshit) and the creation process. Readers will be fascinated as it delves into facts about the numbers 2, 701, 37, 73, and 541; “The end of the action was at first in thought;” unique features (and hints) of the letters forming the name Israel; and concluding remarks. In his Foreword to this book, Rabbi Jeremy Barras has written “How fortunate we are to welcome a fresh approach to the name Israel.”

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Sunday, Sep 10 2023
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