Reading with the Rabbi

Do you believe in God?

So many people answer the question in the negative because the God they have been taught to believe in is simply not that believable. Here you will find a God that cannot be brushed aside by educated moderns, a God that does not violate the realities of logic or natural law, a God that can be lived with—and lived for.

A God We Can Believe In is edited by Richard Agler and Rifat Sonsino, with contributions from twenty-seven rabbis and teachers. It is a book:

  • For those who wish to believe,
  • For those who no longer believe,
  • For those who might again believe.

Bring your lunch and enjoy reading with Rabbi Rachel Greengrass on Tuesdays at noon from December 13 through January 17!

Rabbi Greengrass has purchased books directly from Richard Agler’s website so that proceeds benefit The Tali Fund.

Registration is now closed. However, if you are interesting in joining, please email Janice Baisman at [email protected].


Tuesday, Jan 24 2023
This event has ended.


12:00 PM


Meeting Room 3
Second Floor, Admin Building