Youth Coordinator

The Temple Beth Am Youth Coordinator shall serve as the professional responsible for implementing social,
religious and cultural, formal, informal and experiential educational programming for kids and teens in grades K
– 12th, supervise all youth groups, plan and manage all overnights and youth trips, represent and advocate for
the youth in all capacities at Temple Beth Am, and work closely with the Director of Lifelong Learning to enrich
Religious School and Monday Night CHAI with meaningful, engaging Judaic programming and youth activities.
The candidate should lead an exemplary Jewish life, serving as a role model through active participation in
congregational events and projects as well as foster involvement in Jewish life among teens.

The Youth Coordinator will serve in a variety of capacities:

Roles and Responsibilities Overview:


  • Guide teen leaders in implementing peer-led programs at weekly BAFTY sessions.
  • Develop positive relationships with TYG members, providing guidance and support for their concerns.
  • Collaborate with various temple bodies to integrate youth into all facets of temple life.
  • Assist teens in adhering to group by-laws, maintaining policies, and guiding leadership elections.
  • Supervise both on-campus and off-campus youth group activities, empowering teens in program
    creation and leadership.


  • Offer formal and informal educational programs for 7th-12th graders.
  • Supervise the Madrichim program focusing on leadership training.
  • Structure a well-rounded program covering social, cultural, educational, worship, and social justice
  • Teach in the Monday Night CHAI School and educate congregation members on teen development
    and activities.
  • Facilitate the BAFTY program’s weekly programming and create accessible entry points for teens not
    currently involved.


  • Create and promote programming using various communication methods.
  • Supervise, coach, and mentor youth advisors in program planning and implementation.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Lifelong Learning to create and achieve youth goals.
  • Handle budgeting while overseeing fundraising youth events.
  • Ensure clear communication among temple departments and work on the future vision of youth
  • Organizing the College Connection care packets.

Community Leader:

  • Encourage and facilitate teen participation in regional and national events.
  • Promote involvement in local and national Jewish experiences and social action events.
  • Collaborate with various local youth groups, community events, and organizations to create
    opportunities for teens city-wide.

Please email a cover letter, resume, and one professional reference to [email protected]

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