Celebrate Passover

at Temple Beth Am!

Passover begins before sundown on Monday, April 22, 2024, and ends after nightfall on April 30, 2024.

We celebrate Passover each year to commemorate the Exodus from Egypt, the formative story of the Jewish people. We retell the events of the liberation of the Jews from slavery through prayer, rituals, readings and songs so that each generation may learn and remember this story.

Exodus 12:14-15 states: “This day shall become a remembrance for you and you shall celebrate it as a festival for God; for your generations, as and eternal decree shall you celebrate it. For a seven-day period shall you eat matzos, but on the previous day you shall nullify the leaven from your home.”

Join your Temple Beth Am family for Passover as we celebrate freedom in and around our campus! There is a service, celebration or seder for everyone!

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Friday April 5th Web

Amp Up Your Seder with Rabbi Jaime Aklepi

Looking to upgrade your seder, or give it a refresh? Join Rabbi Aklepi as we explore ways to make your seder unique, meaningful and memorable and enjoy some Passover treats as we prepare for the holidays.

RSVP to Mindy Robbin [email protected].

Wednesday April 17 web

Men’s Seder

Featuring the wit and wisdom of Rabbi Jeremy Barras.
The most fun you will have at a Seder this year or ‘Ever’

Complete Catered Seder Meal with the guys led by Rabbi Barras for $45.

Featuring a special Haggadah reviewing contemporary men’s topics.

April 23 Web

First Day Service

10:30 AM

April 23 Web

Traditional Seder

Celebrate the Jewish exodus on the second night of Passover with Rabbi Barras and our Temple Beth Am community with an elegant and meaningful seder at 5:45 PM. UPDATED LOCATION – NOW AT THE HUB.

Family Friendly Seder

Join Rabbi Greengrass, Rabbi Aklepi, and Cantor Coyot at 5:45 in the Kislak Family Social Hall for a festive meal, Passover seder activities for the whole family, live music, and a chance to connect with your Jewish community.

April 26 web

Passover Kabbalat Shabbat

6:30 PM


April 28 web

Miami Jews Seder in the Garden

5:30 PM

Miami Jews invites you to an engaging Passover experience for Young Professionals in their 20s & 30s.

April 29 web

Passover Yizkor Service

Monday, April 29

10:30 AM

Join us for a yizkor service in the Sanctuary for the last day of Pesach.

Every year, Jews around the world conduct a seder (meaning “order”) on the first evening of the holiday, as we remember and tell our children and grandchildren of the exodus out of Egypt. Future generations of the Jewish people must always be aware of how God freed the slaves who became the ancestors of the Jewish people today.

The seder is a blending of religious rituals, food, song, and the telling of the Passover story, and it is all done in a particular order. That order is set forth in the Haggadah. In addition to the order of the seder, the Haggadah contains prayers, songs, explanations of the various Passover symbols, and, most importantly, the telling of the Passover story of how God freed the Jews from Egyptian slavery. The Hebrew word Haggadah actually means “telling.” A great deal of the text is quite ancient, the earliest of which precedes the Middle Ages (which began around 476 CE) by several centuries.

Passover Food Limitations Guide web