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Temple Beth Am Board of Directors Nomination Recommendation

We are looking for congregants who want to make a difference in our Temple Community. If you are interested in the opportunity to do meaningful work alongside talented and dedicated temple staff and lay leaders, or know someone who would like to, please consider submitting an application to Mindy Robbin using the form below. We are looking for people who want to share their passion, talents and contribute to the meaningful work that is done by the Temple Beth Am Board of Directors.

The Nominating Committee meets during the first quarter of the secular year to identify congregants who have demonstrated the qualities necessary for becoming a member of the Temple Beth Am Board of Directors. If you or someone you have worked with deserves this honor and have the willingness to take on the responsibility, we invite you to complete the form and submit it for consideration by the Nominating Committee.

  • A Director should be committed to serving Temple Beth Am, attend monthly Board meetings, be active on at least one committee, have good follow through, act as a positive ambassador for the congregation, and make at least one B’nai Mitzvah presentation each year.
  • To enhance the Board of Director’s experience, we are working to align the personal interests of each nominee with the needs of Temple Beth Am. Each nominee will be invited to discuss their preferences as part of the nomination process.
  • Placing a name in nomination does not guarantee a seat on the Board of Directors. The committee often receives more nominations than there are openings.

Please complete this form, providing as much information as possible. You are welcome to submit additional recommendations by refreshing this page after you submit the form.

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