Torah Scholar Fellowship

These are the things that have no measure: Honoring one’s Father and Mother, Acts of Kindness, and Bringing Peace Between a Man and His Fellow. But the Study of Torah is Equal to them all.

– Mikshnah Pe’ah 1:1

As Jews, we must learn and study the Torah, the Jewish People’s richest resource. The Torah is the basis of our existence as a People. It connects us to our past and in it are our hopes for the future.

The Torah Scholar Fellowship offers a one-year mentoring program with Temple Beth Am's Senior Rabbi Jeremy Barras, on the study of the Torah.

Limited to only two (2) 9th–11th grade students interested in deepening their understanding of our ancient sources, this unique year-long program offers an academic space to increase students’ identity with the Jewish People, their love of the Land of Israel, their love of text and their love of Torah.

Fellows will meet weekly with Rabbi Barras, and students are required to complete an application for this program, write a personal statement and respond to the following questions:

• Why are you interested in pursuing a Scholar fellowship? Discuss your intellectual, religious and spiritual development as well as the life experiences that have led you to make this decision.
• Select a particular Torah portion that is meaningful or challenging to you. What impact does it have on how you think about Judaism and/or the Jewish community? What are the essential ideas you would want to convey to others?

Apply today for the 2020–2021 Fellowship

For more information or to apply for the fellowship, Tamara Donnenfeld, Director of Lifelong Learning, 786.364.9416, [email protected].

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