Coexist Fellowship: Celebrating Religious Diversity

Did you know that there are over 300 different religious faiths
practiced in the United States?

Our nation was founded on the principal of religious freedom. This has resulted in religious diversity in our country. And yet, we very rarely talk to people of other faiths about what makes their beliefs different than our own. Ignorance breads fear. Understanding leads to acceptance.

Participants in this fellowship with Rabbi Rachel Greengrass will learn about other faiths by visiting their houses of worship, interfacing with their clergy and teens, and comparing the beliefs of others to their own beliefs.

In our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, we cannot afford to segregate ourselves within our synagogues, mosques and churches. Rather, we must educate ourselves and each other, thus taking a necessary first step toward global understanding and religious harmony. This fellowship is about respectful coexistence with others whose faiths, customs and views are different than our own. By exploring our differences and similarities, we strengthen our connections to the Jewish faith while building respect for the diversity of other faiths in our community.

If you are curious about others, if you are a peace-seeker, a teen interested in healthy dialogue with another culture and religion, then this program is for you!

We will visit a mosque during Ramadan, attend services at an Evangelical mega-church, spend MLK Sunday at a Black Baptist Missionary Church, celebrate Dwali with Hindu neighbors, and much more!

Students in 9th–12th grades are required to apply to this program and write a personal statement that responds to the following questions:

• Why are you interested in learning about other faiths?
• What religious values are most important to you?
• If you were to choose an artifact that represents Judaism, what would it be?
  How does this item capture the meaning of your religion to you?

Every month, participants will learn about different religions, visit local places of worship, and engage in conversation and study.

Apply today for the 2020–2021 Fellowship

For more information or to apply for the fellowship, contact Tamara Donnenfeld, Director of Lifelong Learning, 786.364.9416, [email protected].

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