Tikkun Olam Projects & Events

Join with the Tikkun Olam Committee to participate in these ongoing projects and events

     Feeding Our Community

The Tikkun Olam Committee leads Beth Am's year-round effort to feed the poor and homeless in our community.  

Through the High Holy Day Food Drive and Passover ChuMitzvah, we support the Jewish Community Services Kosher Food Bank — which serves those struggling to put food on their tables...families with young children, recent immigrants and the elderly. Food Bank recipients select from a wide variety of fresh produce, frozen items, staples and canned goods. They “shop” during confidential appointments that ensure privacy and maintain dignity.

https://asoft4124.accrisoft.com/betham/clientuploads/images/PROGRAMMING/FollowPassionFindCauseLOGO.gifPassover ChuMitzvah

Chumetz food items are collected prior to Passover and unused matzah is collected after Passover for donation to local food banks.

Chapman Partnership

Beth Am members prepare and serve dinner on the second Sunday of every month at the Chapman Partnership Homeless Assistance Shelter in Homestead. The shelter provides food, clothing healthcare, daycare, job training and placement to men, women and families with children. Volunteers prepare the dinner in an industrial-size kitchen and then serve it to residents cafeteria-style in the dining room. This is a worthwhile project for families and community service hours are available. For more information and to sign up, contact Lisa Heller Green, [email protected].

     Give So Others Can Live

Blood Drive

Semi-annual blood drives take place on the TBA campus, helping to replenish much needed blood stores.

Tzedakah Box

Located in the Beth Am reception area of the administration building, cash donations can be made securely. The Tikkun Olam Committee votes regularly on how funds should be used.

     Lend A Hand

It's a Mitzvah! Join friends and family at the Tikkun Olam Committee's annual Mitzvah Day. Beth Am members spend one day each year participating in social action projects on and off campus.    

Help young men, women and mothers with babies make a healthy transition from foster care to independent living with Casa Valentina.

Habitat for Humanity — Synagogue Sunday

     High Holy Day Food Drive

Be part of the Tikkun Olam Committee's Annual High Holiday Food Drive. It's simple!  

As you leave the Sanctuary on Rosh HaShanah, a volunteer will hand you a Publix bag with a list of much needed food supplies. Go shopping and return the bag on Kol Nidre or Yom Kippur.

Everything you purchase benefits the Jewish Community Services Kosher Food Bank which serves over 200 Jewish families and individuals in need including Holocaust survivors, the elderly and virtually every synagogue in Miami-Dade county.

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