Let’s keep COVID-19 away for the Holidays!

The coming weeks will likely witness a large amount of movement in our community.

College students will be returning home in large numbers for Thanksgiving and the subsequent winter break. Nobody wants them to bring COVID-19 home for the holidays. If you have family members traveling, especially young adults, be sure that they are tested so as to avoid spreading the virus unwittingly.

Free testing is widely available at Miami-Dade County's drive-through testing sites. It's the best way to stop the inadvertent asymptomatic spread of COVID-19.

Check the County's website for the nearest test site

We all know that indoor gatherings and large groups are not a good combination during this pandemic, and the holiday of Thanksgiving presents unique challenges. Even small groupings with good practices are risky if people mix and mingle in the usual ways. Again, frequent testing is an important tool to keep your family safe and healthy.

We urge you and your family to observe best practices during the pandemic:

• Always wear a mask when around others.
• If necessary to meet or socialize with others, be sure to do it outdoors.
• Wash your hands and sanitize shared surfaces.
• If exposed, be sure to test and quarantine.

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