A Kehillah Kedosha...

In The Wisdom of Our Fathers, it is written: Ah-say l’cha rav, v’kah-nay l’cha chaver — "get yourself a rabbi/teacher and acquire a friend.”

Our rabbis of old understood that each of us needs a friend — someone who could journey with us in life. And each of us needs a “rabbi” — someone who can help guide us along your path. At Temple Beth Am, your clergy welcomes the opportunity to be that guide.

Whether celebrating a simcha... holding you in time of sorrow... offering counsel during moments of confusion or trouble... sharing the wisdom of our traditions... visiting you when you are ill or just that quick hug and embrace... praying with you on shabbat and holy days...  We are here for you and yours.

Long-Term Care Visits...

If your loved one is in long-term care — at The Palace,
Miami Jewish Health Systems or at home — your Temple Beth Am Clergy would be delighted to visit them. Call the Clergy office and give your contact information to Mindy, ext. 131, or Aída, ext. 140.

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