Membership Categories

   A Special Offer to ‘Get To Know Us’

Membership Incentives

• “Get To Know Us,” a reduced, all-inclusive, first-year membership of $500. (Not applicable for Day School families.)
• “Get To Know Us All Over Again,” a reduced, first-year membership to those families who would like to return to our community. (Not applicable for Day School families.)
• Complimentary full membership to young adults 21–29 years of age.
• Special membership incentive for first-year families that are enrolling in our Early Childhood Program.
Super Senior Incentive for 80+ years of age.
• We welcome Interfaith families and have an active Outreach Committee.

For information about Beth Am Membership, contact Rita Diaz, Director of Member Services,
305.667.6667, ext. 107, or email [email protected].

Membership 2018–2019 Fee Schedule

Thank you for being a part of our Temple Beth Am community. Over the years, we have been proud to provide our members with an unparalleled variety and depth of programs and services. This congregation has a 60-year-old tradition of keeping our doors open to all those who seek membership, regardless of one's ability to pay. As our operating costs continue to increase, we hope that this year, all members who are able, will give as generously as possible to ensure our commitment to excellence.

Young Adult/Family ages 21–29 — Complimentary (a donation would be appreciated)
Income Up to $110,000 — $3,180
Income Up to $130,000 — $4,200
Income to $149,999 — $4,400

For families who are blessed with over $150,000 annual income, we invite you to join one of the Committee of 100 Levels.

The Committee of 100 — $4,900
President’s Honor Circle — $6,500
Rabbi’s Honor Circle — $9,200
Circle of Blessing — $15,000
Circle of Life — $25,000 and higher

* Committee of 100 or higher membership dues may be paid through stock transfer.

The Committee of 100 was created many years ago, to help us make Temple membership possible for those who are unable to pay dues, and to enhance programming. The Committee has grown to some 300 families. Your leadership and support is greatly appreciated!

REMEMBER TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP!  •  If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2020–21, please do so at your earliest convenience. Click here for Online Membership Renewal