Our ‘Virtual’ Day School year comes to an end!

For almost three months, our students and teachers rose to the challenge of a Virtual Day School!

Temple Beth Am Virtual Day School is coming to the end of the 2019–2020 school year, and what a ride it has been!

From deciding that we had to close our facility, to quickly delivering a strong and positive distance-learning school, it has been quite an adventure. COVID-19 created unprecedented times for everyone, but in particular, the educational world. Within a few short days, the school needed to reconfigure itself into something it had never been before.

Who knows which one was more challenging — baking challah (above left) or creating pizzas!

Fortunately, we were very well positioned. We previously had surveyed our parents regarding their personal devices and Internet connectivity at home. We had a Technology & Innovation Director in place. Last year, in three grade levels, we piloted being a Google school. Our teachers already had some degree of Professional Development regarding virtual instruction.

And, most importantly, we had committed teachers who were willing to continue to learn and work hard — alongside an extremely involved parent body on whom we could depend to assist with this new at-home learning. It was not easy for anyone, but we rallied — we conquered, we joined together.

First-graders recently learned about the suffix and variant vowels.

Is this not what makes Temple Beth Am Day School so special? It is called the House of the People for a reason.

The heart and soul of who we are and what we ultimately are able to accomplish is the people who choose to be here. We support one another. We care about one another. We know that each and every one of us matters, and we will always join hands to do what we must.

Above left, Book Fair author and Newbery Award-winner Erin Entrada Kelly was amazing!
Above right, Dr. Deborah Starr gets a last chance to read to second-graders.

I want to thank everyone who really helped us accomplish this task. I have heard from many that we were far superior to many other schools in how we delivered and what we offered. But again, it is only because our directors — Susy Novak, Cari Altman, Jen Carey, Mara Berger and Dr. Lenore Kipper led the charge — and our parents and students jumped right on board!

May Temple Beth Am Day School always rise to whatever challenge it is ever given. The solution may not always be clear. The solution may not always be easy. The solution may not always be completely attainable, but by God, we will always come together as a community to do what is best for our children.

God bless you all...

Head of School

Last week's activities bore witness to everything from a bear hunt to solving math problems to conducting science experiments.

Even the challenges of learning music virtually were met head-on. Above left, alum Elena Gerzvolf demonstrated the cello for our 1st and 2nd graders, while one of our younger students showed off his percussion skills.

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