Why Choose a Jewish Day School?

https://asoft4124.accrisoft.com/betham/clientuploads/images/DAY SCHOOL/academic_research.gifStudents attending Jewish Day Schools develop into ethical and compassionate young adults with exceptional leadership qualities and a strong sense of community.

Studies show that the more Jewish education a child receives, the more likely it is that he or she will lead an active Jewish life as an adult. Research also shows that students who attend Jewish Day Schools have significant academic advantages over public and charter schools.

Below you will find links to some of these studies.

A Meta-Analysis on the Effects and Contributions of
Public, Public Charter and Religious Schools on Student Outcomes

The results of this study indicate that attending private religious schools is associated with the highest level of academic achievement amongst three school types. Read study

The Impact of Jewish Day School Education on Adults

This study examines the long-range impact of Jewish educational experiences undergone years ago upon today's Jewish adults. Read study

What Difference does Day School make?

This report describes the first national study specifically designed to determine the near-term effects of day schools on the academic, social, and Jewish trajectories of former students during their college years.

The report validates that day schools provide top-notch preparation for a broad range of colleges and universities, including those that are the most selective. Read report

A Bilingual Approach to Education

Think about this comment Dr. Geoffrey S. Koby, associate professor of German Translation at Kent State University, said in the article "Raising a Bilingual Child, Parents Can Teach Their Children a Foreign Language at a Young Age," by Diane Laney Fitzpatrick in 2007: "All human beings are naturally, innately able to learn a foreign language as a child."

Learning Hebrew at Temple Beth Am Day School is a gift we are giving our children. Not only are they learning the heritage language of their people, able to participate in prayer services, but also reaping the enormous benefits of second language acquisition. Additionally, Hebrew, in particular, brings some added advantage.

Read article "Why Bilingual Education"

Three Reasons That Made Me Advocate for Bilingual Education in the U.S. — Read article

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