Early Childhood (15 months–Pre-K)

The Early Childhood Center at Temple Beth Am Day School provides children with developmentally appropriate experiences that foster an understanding of basic concepts while utilizing the young child’s natural ways of learning.

Our belief is that play is the most significant vehicle for accessing and promoting learning.  Based on this belief, we use play as the primary modality to foster physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual growth. Since children are naturally curious and learn best through experience, we provide them with the opportunities to stimulate their minds, bodies, imaginations and interests within our safe and nurturing environment.

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The Early Childhood Center adheres to guidelines established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This prestigious national organization in the area of early childhood learning provides information that links educational practices to current educational research. Having achieved NAEYC accreditation and the Florida Gold Seal of Excellence, our curriculum and classrooms reflect these developmentally appropriate guidelines. Florida Department of Children and Families: C11MD0555

Our play-based program utilizes a hierarchical sequence of activities to teach skills and concepts in the following areas: language arts, math readiness, science, general and Judaic history, art, music and physical education.  The daily schedule incorporates both active and passive time for participating in imaginary play, developing communication skills both with adults and peers, exploring the world in which we live and celebrations of American and Jewish life. Jewish values, customs, history and holiday observances are integrated throughout our curriculum. The environment is rich in experiences, materials and challenges that stimulate each child’s desire to think and explore. Each day’s learning contributes to the growth and development of a happy and healthy child.

Temple Beth Am Day School creates an extended family environment in which children learn and grow. This family framework fosters healthy separation and the development of confidence and self-expression. Caring teachers create a learning environment where children can comfortably explore and establish a foundation for future self-reliance and positive sense of self.