Curriculum — Early Childhood

Creative Curriculum and NAEYC’s Developmentally Appropriate Practices form the foundation of our curriculum. Our indoor and outdoor environments are set with learning areas.

In the Toddler Years, children learn about self: recognizing feelings, acknowledging other people in their world; and how to communicate, move around and think.

In the Pre-School Years, children further their social understanding as they deepen their self-confidence, self-control and independence. They listen as others speak, they speak for others to listen, they construct meaning from print, progress through the stages of writing, count, observe phenomenon, pretend-play, paint, draw from observation and express their own needs.

Classrooms are arranged, both indoors and outdoors, into Learning Areas. In the Block Area, children learn by using blocks with various shapes and sizes. In the Dramatic Play Area, children develop abstract thinking as they pretend with objects, make purposeful lists (like going to the grocery store), and act roles. When they play with puzzles and manipulatives, they complete tasks, learn patterning, the alphabet and to classify/group items to match. In the Art Area, children plan and express their ideas in multiple mediums (clay, paint, water-color, crayons, markers, collage materials, wood, plastic and more). Our sand and water tables offer children the opportunities to recognize cause and effect, count and measure, and develop their eye/hand coordination. In the Pre-school years, (Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten), a designated writing area is clearly defined affording children the opportunity to focus on their emerging writing skills. All classrooms have a Library Area, but books are scattered in all areas throughout the classrooms.

Our children enjoy a Tot Playground, Pre-School Playground, Sensory Garden and Tricycle Track. A music specialist comes in twice a week; cooking is in the afternoon; there are weekly visits to our fully stocked library; and Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten students have a full science program — ECHOS, developed at the Miami Museum of Science — in our Exploratory Classroom.

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Junior Pre-Nursery (1–2 years)

Pre-Nursery (2–3 years)

Nursery (3–4 years)

Pre-Kindergarten (4–5 years)