Printed Matzos For Your Passover Seder!

Matzohgram® printed Matzos are a unique and a novel way of celebrating at your Passover Seder.

Using all FDA-approved and Kosher for Passover inks, Matzohgram® is the ideal gift for family and friends. All edible inks are flavorless and odor free.

All Matzos are baked in Israel by Matzot Aviv, the leading provider of Kosher for Passover Matzos. The Matzos use only the finest all-kosher for Passover ingredients and they contain no preservatives.

Purchase your printed Matzos through Temple Beth Am and avoid paying shipping charges, while at the same time you'll be supporting Temple Beth Am Youth Engagement programming.

Choose from two size boxes:
Small Box (with 9 Matzos) — $10/box
Large Box (with 12 Matzos) — $15/box

in order for Matzoh Boxes to arrive at Temple Beth Am for pick up on approx. Sunday, March 11th

Click Here to Place Your Order Online by Feb. 28th

Want your Friends and Relatives to share in this novel Passover Seder idea? They may order directly from and Matzohgram will ship directly to them. Make sure they use Charity Code RFM294 and our Youth Activities will be credited with a portion of the proceeds. Please note that the website will accept online orders beginning on February 9th.

While there are no Shipping Charges for those orders picked up at Temple Beth Am, your friends and relatives who order directly from may be subject to shipping charges for orders under $60.

Any questions? Contact Anita Marks, 786.364.9415,
or Lisa Reichert, 786.364.9417,

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