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Interfaith Dialogue Fellowship

Jews and Muslims share much in common: ancient monotheistic faiths stemming from our ancestor Abraham, cultural similarities and, as minority religions in North America, experiences with assimilation and discrimination.

There also exists profound ignorance between Jews and Muslims. Jews are not well educated about Islam, and Muslims are not well educated about Judaism.

Participants in this dialogue with Rabbi Rachel Greengrass believe that in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, we cannot afford to segregate ourselves within our mosques and synagogues. Rather, we must educate ourselves and each other, thus taking a necessary first step toward global understanding and religious harmony.

If interfaith relationships interest you, if you are a peace seeker, a teen interested in healthy dialogue with another culture and religion, then this program is for you!

The Children of Abraham: Jews and Muslims in Conversation” is a year-long program designed for high school students (Jews and Muslims) to learn about each other’s values, find convergence or shared meaning, and celebrate our common ancestral heritage and rich history. Participants will forge friendships while strengthening their personal identity.

Students in 9th–12th grades are required to apply to this program and write a personal statement that responds to the following questions:

• Why are you interested in Muslim-Jewish dialogue?
• What religious values are most important to you?
• If you were to choose an artifact that represents Judaism, what would it be? How does this item capture the meaning of your religion to you?

Monthly meetings will be held at either Temple Beth Am or a local mosque with Muslim and Jewish high school students, facilitated by religious leaders from both communities. Students will have the opportunity to see others’ place of worship and participate in service and study together.

Apply today for the 2018–2019 Fellowship

Download Application for the Interfaith Dialogue Fellowship

For more information or to apply for the fellowship, Tamara Donnenfeld, Director of Lifelong Learning, 786.364.9416, tdonnenfeld@tbam.org.

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