Healing Arts Kits for Children

Sisterhood of Temple Beth Am is proud to bring our community the opportunity to participate in sending Healing Arts Kits to children in Paris and Israel who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) following terror attacks and ongoing conflicts in both areas.

The Healing Arts Kits are the brainchild of Craig Dershowitz, CEO and Executive Director of Artists 4 Israel, which creates this and many other advocacy programs for Israel. The Speaker of the Knesset described Artists 4 Israel's mission as "one of the most creative, innovative and effective Israel advocacy organizations today."

These Healing Arts Kits have been designed by psychiatrists, emergency first responders, art therapists, artists, teachers and parents combining the most recent research and best practices in dance, drama, play and art therapy, combined with the input of caregivers and on-the-ground medical personnel. This is a groundbreaking therapeutic system that is the only chance to slow or stop the onset of new cases of PTSD in children living through rocket fire, terrorist attacks or other crises.

The kits include a series of activities that can soothe and help heal the unseen scars of war and trauma. Each is intuitive and easy to, either by the child alone, or heightened by specific, simple instructions for the adult(s). The items inside are deceptively simple — while seemingly just play, they are specially created by this team to serve all parties affected by the trauma.

How You Can Participate in This Project

With your donation of only $30, you will be funding a Healing Arts Kit for a needy child in either Israel (through Artists 4 Israel), or Paris (through Healing Paris, the Paris leg of the Artists 4 Israel project).

You may choose to send your entire $30 donation to Artists4Israel, an organization that is sponsoring the program in Israel. Or, you may choose the option to send your donation to Healing Paris, in which case the arts kits will go to children in Paris and you will receive a box of your choice of 30 beautiful greeting cards with matching envelopes as a gift. This is part of their Cards for a Cause program. The greeting cards are colorful, high quality and come in a sturdy keepsake box. Either way, you are making an important contribution to healing children in need. Cards will be shipped in bulk to Sisterhood of Temple Beth Am, and you will be notified when they may be picked up.

Click Here to Make a Donation

For more information, contact Tracy Ellyn, Sisterhood’s Coordinator for this program,
  305.457.7029 or tracyellynfinearts@gmail.com.

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