Beth Am “Yad Squad”

Todah Rabah to the congregants listed below who make up the Temple Beth Am “Yad Squad” — and enhance our High Holy Days and weekly Shabbat morning Minyan service with their beautiful voices and souls.

If you would like to become a member of this "club," please contact Rabbi Judith Kempler to join — or 305.667.6667 ext. 108.

Hadassah Blum
Judith Davidoff
Paul Distenfeld
Jennifer Feinstein
Robyn Fisher
Tina Forster
Stephanie Gilbert
Susan Golinsky
Dianne Gottlieb
Lisa Green
Susan Henkin
Fran Hertz
Richard Hoffman
Jeff Kaminsky
Bruce Kohrman
Pamela Lear
Lori Malagon
Donald McClaskey
Yvon Moraes
Karen Pincus
Judith Ratzan
Rachel Robbins
Michelle Sarason
Ed Schwartz
Hannah Standiford
Kimberly Standiford
Monica Warman
Karen Willner
Pamela Wolofsky
Susan Zisman

REMEMBER TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP!  •  If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2019–20, please do so at your earliest convenience. Click here for Online Membership Renewal