Day School Annual Auction

Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: Social Hall, Lewis Family Religious Life Complex

Join us for Temple Beth Am Day School's biggest fundraiser of the year, and enjoy a special evening filled with food, fun and a showcase of our children’s artwork, plus exciting items on which to bid in Live and Silent Auctions.

Thursday, March 12th, 7:00 pm

$50 per person in advance ($75 per person at the door)
This is an adult-only event (childcare is available upon request)

We are excited to invite you to glam up for Dr. Deborah Starr and bid up for Temple Beth Am with a fabulous evening fit for a rock star! This year's RockStarr Gala + Auction is a celebration and farewell to Dr. Starr. She has been our fearless leader, and has contributed greatly to the Day School's success throughout the years.

We are proud that our school is a state-of-the-art educational facility that prepares our children to be future thinkers and “doers.” More than that, the core values and principles taught alongside the curriculum give our children the tools to succeed in an ever-changing and challenging world.

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Sara Berkowitz & Natalie Firestone
Auction Co-Chairs

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Special Thanks to Our Sponsors...
(Please note the Corporate & Grandparents Sponsors sections listed below)
Sponsors listed as of 12/2/2019

Sara & Alexander Berkowitz
The Clergy of Temple Beth Am
Natalie & Justin Firestone

The Karsenti Family
Stephen & Cayla Rutchik
The Yarckin Family

Standing Ovation  
Fran Berrin and Family Bianca & Maurice Gabay

Rachel & Ryan Bailine and Family
The Beekman Family
Barbara & Alex Havenick
The Messianu Family
The Mirabito Family
Lily & Alex Moskovitz
Jessica & Adam Moskowitz
Allison & Marc Pacin
Kate Lampen-Sachar & Dan Sachar
Lizzie & Drew Schaul
Jacqueline & Andrew Schimel
Lauren & Adam Schwartz
Jen & Tadd Schwartz
Deborah R. & Howard Starr
Jacqueline & Solomon Wechsler

Lead Singer  
Felicia & Andrew Berkowitz
The Cruz Family
Katie & David Goldberg
Stephie & Evan Goldman
Melissa & Noah Kalman
The Proman Family
Jennifer & Brad Sturges
Nicole & Warren Zinn

Rising Star  
Viviana & Fernando Akerman
Jennifer & Tim Bielawski
Elizabeth & Clinton Biondo
Michelle Chica
Jennie & Adam Cohn
Jennifer& Aubrey Duffy
Hagit & Gregory Fefferman
Randi & Chad Friedman
Penny Gaines
Susie & Joe Goldberg
Claudia & Todd Gomberg
Mallory & Jonathan Greenberg
Ava Habif
Michele & Paul Kaplan
Alexandra Kestin
Lindsey & Ryan Lamchick
The Larkin Family
Michael & Starr Mautner
Amy & Rickey Mittelberg
The Panahpour Family
The Pickens Family
Jenna & Bryan Pinchuk
Randi & Greg Sandler
Lauren & Brett Schneider
Sarah & Allan Serviansky
Rabbi Judith & Brian Siegal
Kerri & Joshua Stone
Dara Webman & Jonathan Trestyn
Ophelia & Robert Valls
Lauren & Greg Weintraub

Corporate Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor

Hall of Famer





Rising Star

Lead Singer

In-Kind Sponsors


Grandparents Sponsors
Arnaldo & Cathay Abreu
in honor of Ashley, Alexa & Bradley Firestone
Elsa & Jerry Askowitz
in honor of Nicolas Pidre
Michele & Scott Baena
in honor of Ava & Olivia Gabay
Sandra Baer
in honor of Daniela Baer
Babbi & Brad Bangel
in honor of Benji Bangel
Shelley & David Barras
in honor of Ethan Barras
Harvey Goldman & Rivka Blattner
in honor of Brooke & Joely Goldman
Josefina Bonet
in honor of Conrad Habif
Susanne Brody
in honor of Lillian & Cece Kramer
Ellen & Jon Channing
in honor of Scarlett Spiegel
Risa & Matthew Connolly
in honor of Cameron Rasken
Doris & Ralph Connor
in honor of Louisa Fein
Rita Diaz
in honor of Valentina Iglesias
Yvette & Robert Doherty
in honor of Deanna Zimmerman
Thomas Elmore
in honor of Theo Yagen Elmore
Paul Feinsilver
in honor of Alex Feinsilver
Henry & Nadine Feldman
in honor of Orly Feldman
Ellen & John Feltman
in honor of Demi Schneider
Sherry & Glen Firestone
in honor of Ashley, Alexa & Bradley Firestone
Cheryl & James Fishman
in honor of Mason Riley Geiger & Skyler Hudson Geiger
Linda & David Frankel
in honor of Vince & Ryder Frankel
Susan Fuhrman
in honor of Elle, Mia & Poppy Fuhrman
Linda & Joel Gluck
in honor of Reese, Brooks & Dane Gluck
Bonnie & David Gold
in honor of Simon, Colin, Maddox & Harlow Gold
Lester & Eleanor Goldberg
in honor of Madeline Goldberg
Barbara Havenick & Len Morrison
in honor of Griffin, Ashton, Jordan &
   Gavin Havenick and Jacob Bielawski

Ann Kathryn Kagan
in honor of Annabelle Kagan
Debra & Leonard Kalman
in honor of Harlow, Sydney & Zoe Kalman
Sherie Kanziger & Robert Mayer
in honor of Riley Greenberg
Marlene & Joel Kaplan
in honor of Ryder Kaplan
Jack & Shirley Kaplan
in honor of Alyson Kaplan
Michael & Susan Klaiman
in honor of Cami & Cameron Schimel
Shoshi & Rabbi Norman Lipson
in honor of Lyla & Samuel Finck
Susan & Ray Malca
in honor of Ari & Ezra Malca
Frank & Kathy Mendelblatt
in honor of Michael Mendelblatt
Papa Chuck Mendlestein
in honor of Jake & Ava Mendlestein
Sheila Mendlestein
in honor of Jake & Ava Mendlestein
Deirdre & Craig Nash
in honor of Gus Savett
Ida & Steven Plotkin
in honor of Riley Sobie
Mark & Robin Proman
in honor of Sophie & Sadie Proman
Jennifer & Trevor Resnick
in honor of Shane & Jake Glasser
Arlene & Steven Reznick
in honor of Aiden Greenfield
Roberta & Norman Rittner
in honor of Lilli Greidinger
Marilyn & Peter Roth
in honor of Hunter & Aria Berkowitz
Eliana Sachar
in honor of Isabella & Sophia Sachar
Steven Saposnik
in honor of Ariel Gilat
Claire & Richard Savitt
in honor of Grace Savitt
Alison & David Schimel
in honor of Cameron Schimel
The Serviansky Family
in honor of Jake Serviansky
Diane & Morton Setchen
in honor of Brooke Porter Setchen
Lois Marks Shapiro
in honor of Dylan & Heather Shapiro
Andrea & Michael Slobodkin
in honor of Ashton & Griffin Havenick
Jayne & Clarke Smith
in honor of Ashley, Alexa & Bradley Firestone
Paula Solomon
in honor of Jordana Branciforte
Meryl & Brian Spector
in honor of Ellie & Carly Spector,
   Ava & Harper Friedman

Kevin & Judith Spiegel
in honor of Scarlett Lennon Spiegel
Shelly & Cliff Stamler
in honor of Blake Canida & Jacob Serviansky
Pam & Richard Strassberg
in honor of Ari & Sarah Karsenti
Thomas & Lynn Valerius
in honor of Judson Valerius
Jackie & Earl Wald
in honor of Alicia Garrett & Dylan Lomnitzer
Bonnie Webman
in honor of Jonah Trestyn & Bex Salzer
Mercedes Weitzman
in honor of Alvaro & Jonathan Gorrin
Lynn & Howard Zusman
in honor of Cooper & Sawyer Haller