Beth Am’s Speakeasy

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Location: Social Hall, Lewis Family Religious Life Complex

Contact: Lisa Goldstein, 786.364.9430,

During Prohibition in the 1920s, music, dancing, liquor and gambling were driven underground to cool speakeasy lounges.

This year, for one night only — Saturday, April 22nd — Temple Beth Am pays homage to this experience by converting our ballroom into the coolest underground lounge featuring food, music, gambling and craft cocktails.

7:00 pm: Havdalah Service • 7:30 pm: Cocktails • 8:30 pm: Dinner, Dancing & More...

Dinner, Open Bar, Music & Dancing — $150 per person, all inclusive

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For information, contact Lisa Goldstein, 786.364.9430,

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Hernando’s Hideaway
Mycki & Stuart Ratzan

Shhh…Don’t Tell     
Adrian & Ken Dubow
Carly & Fred Fein
Jodi & Frank Hessel
Amy & Harry Hollub
Susan & Dick Lampen
Adrienne & Steve Messing
Amy & Rickey Mittelberg
Kate Lampen-Sachar
& Dan Sachar
Michelle & Scott Sarason
Lois & Larry Schimmel
Laura Serruya
Pam & Howard Wolofsky
David Young
& Scott Bernstein

Whiskey Old Fashioned    
Rachel & Ryan Bailine
Daniela Zanzuri-Beiner
     & Edward Beiner
Lauren Bronfman & Dan Levine
Judy & Dan Cowan
Lisa & Lee Goldstein
Dilia & Bill Grossman
Abbe & Stewart Liebling
Lesley & Darren Rousso
Randi & Greg Sandler
Jackie & Richard Siegel
Lauren & Brad Sokol
Tracey & Larry Spiegelman
Jacqueline & Robert Spielman
Michelle & Walter Weber
Melissa & Scott Weingarden
Jo-Ann & Jerrold Young

In-Kind Sponsors    

Speakeasy Gala Committee

Adrienne & Steve Messing

Gala Committee

Ana & Robert Behar
Daniela Zanzuri-Beiner &
Edward Beiner
Adrian & Ken Dubow
Carly & Fred Fein
Jodi & Frank Hessel
Amy & Harry Hollub
Kate Lampen-Sachar &
Daniel Sachar
Stacey & David Leibowitz
Lauren Bronfman &
Dan Levine
Abbe & Stewart Liebling
Amy & Rick Mittelberg
Stuart & Mycki Ratzan
Randi & Gregory Sandler
Lois & Larry Schimmel
Howard & Pam Wolofsky
David Young & Scott Bernstein

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