Day School Annual Auction

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: Social Hall, Lewis Family Religious Life Complex

Contact: Shari Debowsky, 786.364.9423, sdebowsky@tbam.org

Join us for Temple Beth Am Day School's biggest fundraiser of the year,
and enjoy a special evening filled with food, fun and
exciting items to bid on the Live and Silent Auctions.

Thursday, March 15, 2018, 7:00 pm

$36 per person in advanced ($50 per person at the door)
This is an adult-only event (childcare is available upon request)

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Barbara W. Havenick & Jessica Moskowitz
Auction Co-Chairs

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Special Thanks to Our Sponsors...
(Please note the Corporate Sponsors section listed below)

Burning Bush  
Barbara & Alex Havenick
Jessica & Adam Moskowitz

The Giving Tree  
Klaudia & Lewis Brown
The Clergy of Temple Beth Am
Sherry & Harley Tropin

Allison & David Barkus  

Great Banyan  
Arie & Laurence Assayag
Rachel & Ryan Bailine
Gina & Gavin Beekman
Chanin & Adam Carlin
The Garrido Foundation
Jane & Amir Gold
Rebecca & Arnaud Karsenti
Lauren & Ilan Kempler
Juliana & Alex Krys
Barbara & Eduardo Latham
The Schaul Family
Lauren & Adam Schwartz
Rebecca & Elion Vinocur
The Yarckin Family

Joshua Tree
Angelina & Joshua Kaye Amy & Ethan Shapiro

Noble Fir  
Elizabeth & Clinton Biondo
Yafit & Jose Ferrer
Alexandra & Gregory Frankel
Janine & Christopher Herrera
Alison & Rob Jaffee
Michelle & Gary Kramer

Cristina & Roman Krislav
Suzanne & Brad Meltzer
Lily & Alex Moskovitz
The Proman Family
Kate & Dan Sachar
Lindsay & Julie Spalding-Steven
Dr. Deborah R. Starr & Howard Starr

Friendship Oak
Claudia & Alejandro Algaze
Kim & Gregory Haller
The Mirabito Family

Olive Branch
Viviana & Fernando Akerman
Cari & Michael Altman
The Bielawski Family
The Carter Family
Michelle & Stephen Cohen
Jennie & Adam Cohn
Susana Callau & Timur Colak
Sarah Steinbaum Dubovy & Sander Dubovy
Jennifer Efron-Duffy & Aubrey Duffy
Edith & Norman Einspruch
Danielle Eisenbud & Max Eisenbud
Lauren & Craig Fischer
The Foodman Family
Jaclyn and Justin Friedman
The Geiger Family
Susan P. Fuhrman
The Gola Family
Stephanie & Evan Goldman
Claudia & Todd Gomberg
Rebecca & Michael Havenick
Nancy & Robert Hersh
Michele & Paul Kaplan
Leo & Gary Kluger
Lindsey & Ryan Lamchick
Courtney & Jeremy Larkin
Katherine & Dr. Frank Mendelblatt
Kathryn Meyers & Jonathan Etra
Stacey & Kevin Packman
The Panahpour Family
Jackie Perczek & Tom Marvin
The Pereda Family
Rebecca & Matthew Pickens
The Raposo Family
Baylor Lancaster
Samuel & Lawrence Samuel
Sarah & Allan Serviansky
The Siesel Family
Kerri & Joshua Stone
Jennifer & Brad Sturges
Melissa & Jason Timmons
Dara Webman & Jonathan Trestyn
Ophelia & Robert Valls
Lauren & Greg Weintraub
Jaime & Marvin Williams

Randi & Michael Applebaum
   in honor of Logan and Demi Schneider
Elsa & Gerald Askowitz
   in honor of Nicolas Pidre
Michele & Scott Baena
   in honor of Ava and Olivia Gabay
Brad & Babbi Bangel
   in honor of Benji Bangel
Shelley & David Barras
   in honor of Ella and Ethan Barras
Susanne Brody
   in honor of Lillian and Francesa Kramer
William Canida Family
   in honor of Blake Paige Canida
Donna L. Cohen
   in honor of Hunter and Eden Cohen
Risa & Matt Connolly
   in honor of Gavin Jacob Rasken
Helene & Barry Debowsky
   in honor of Ben and Lizzie Debowsky
Rita Diaz
   in honor of Valentina Iglesias
Nilda & Manuel Ferrer
   in honor of Jacob and Noah Ferrer
Sheryl & Harvey Fischer
   in honor of Ryan Mac Fischer
Cheryl & James Fishman
   in honor of Mason and Skyler Geiger
Sheila & Larry Forman
   in honor of Cessie Rose Haber
Linda & David Frankel
   in honor of Vince and Ryder Frankel
Arlene & Allen Furst
   in honor of Riley Emma Williams
Betty & Mike Gant
   in honor of Ethan Barras
Jodi & Kevin Goch
   in honor of Sophie and Sadie Proman
Rivka & Harvey Goldman
   in honor of Myles, Joely and Brooke Goldman
Joanne & Barry Goldmeier
   in honor of Alexis Taylor Cohen
Ellen & George Greidinger
   in honor of Ezra, Rachel and Lilli Greidinger
Rissa & Richard Grossman
   in honor of Evelyn, Vivian and Madeline Kelly
Doris & Hans Grunwald
   in honor of Max and Lina Grunwald
Barbara Havenick & Len Morrison
   in honor of Jacob Bielawski, Gavin, Jordan
   and Ashton Havenick

Cathy & Lloyd Heller
   in honor of Sarah, Dylan and Heather Shapiro
Gloria & Edgar Hift
   in honor of Helena Esther Barkus
Linda & Geoffrey James
   in honor of Alexis James
Ann Kathryn Kagan
   in honor of Annabelle Kagan
Marlene & Joel Kaplan
   in honor of Ashton and Ryder Kaplan
Janet & Jerry Kelfer
   in honor of Daniel Rodas
Eddyse Kessler
   in honor of Maya and Gavin Altman
Lucy & Sam Krislav
   in honor of Anya, Leo and Victor Krislav
Helena & Jose Antonio Jimenez
   in honor of Anya, Leo and Victor Krislav
Valerie & Michael Katz
   in honor of Ari David Squires
Eileen & Bruce Lamchick
   in honor of Ashley Lamchick
Susan & Richard Lampen
   in honor of Sophia and Isabelle Sachar
Cathi Lefton
   in honor of Harper and Benjamin Migdal
Susan & Ramon Malca
   in honor of Ari and Ezra Malca
Marci & Charles Mendlestein
   in honor of Jake and Ava Mendlestein
Sheila Mendlestein
   in honor of Jake and Ava Mendlestein
Lori Mishkin & Andrew Kern
   in honor of Max and Sam Mishkin
Amy & Rickey Mittelberg
   in honor of Bradley and Josh Cohen, 
   Dylan and Connor Mittelberg
Diane & Robert Moss
   in honor of Zachary Corbin Cheach
Deirdre & Craig Nash
   in honor of Sullivan and Gus Savett
Dr. Samuel & Alicia Oberstein
   in honor of Sofia and Abraham Oberstein
Alice Palombo
   in honor of Ben and Lizzie Debowsky
Annette & Tom Palombo
   in honor of Ben and Lizzie Debowsky
Judith Portney
   in honor of Paris & Reese Sandler
Arlene & Paul Posner
   in honor of Asher & Henry Gelfman
Robin & Mark Proman
   in honor of Sophie & Sadie Proman
Judith Richard & Martin Madorsky
   in honor of Ryan Meltzer
Adria & Robert Rasken
   in honor of Cole Roy, Jack Roy and Gavin Rasken
Grama Becky Rockwood
   in honor of Holton Rockwood
Richard Rogers
   in honor of Cal Rollnick
Ilene & Peter Rosenbaum
   in honor of Fordham and Essex Rosenbaum
Claire & Dick Savitt
   in honor Kalin Grace Savitt
Elizabeth & Daniel Sawicki
   in honor of Eitan, Joshua and Salomon Sawicki
Margaret & Henry Schreiber
   in honor of Tristan and Ryan Schreiber
Lily & David Serviansky
   in honor of Jake Serviansky
Lois Marks Shapiro
   in honor of Sarah, Dylan and Heather Shapiro
Anne & Stanley Siesel
   in honor of Ethan and Blake Siesel
Andrea & Michael Slobodkin
   in honor of Ashton Havenick
Pam & Richard Strassberg
   in honor of Gabriel, Sarah and Ari Karsenti
Nancie & Bob Sturges
   in honor of Evelyn Sturges
Eilene Topper
   in honor of Madison and Lily Williams
Jacquelyn & Earl Wald
   in honor of Alicia Garrett
Stevie & Aubrey Watson
   in honor of Amanda and Katelin Morgan
Bonnie Webman
   in honor of Andi and Jonah Trestyn
Emilia & Mark Weiss
   in honor of Gavin and Jordan Havenick
Mercedes Weitzman
   in honor of Alvaro and Jonathan Gorrin
Marcy Werner
   in honor of Samantha, Michael and Serafina Moskowitz
Peysaf Worthalter
   in honor of Eitan, Joshua and Salomon Sawicki

Martha & Jeff Yunis
   in honor of Jesse and Art Yunis

Fran Berrin
   in honor of Risa '92, Ricky '95 and Valerie '01
Drora & Steven Davis
   in honor of Daniel '00, Adam '03 and Arielle '05
Rabbi Joui Hessel, Class of 1985
Dianne & Ed Schmidt
   in honor of Jordan '14
Lily & David Serviansky
   in honor of Daniel '90, Allan '93 and Mike '99

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