Pirkei Avot with Rabbi Greengrass

Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Meeting Room 2, Clergy Suite, 2nd Floor, Administration Bldg.

Contact: Janice Baisman, jbaisman@tbam.org, 786.364.9445

Pirkei Avot (literally, “Chapters of the Fathers,” but generally translated as “Ethics of Our Fathers”) is one of the best-known and most-cited Jewish texts. This collection of pithy sayings and teachings is filled with insights into life and is a key part of Jewish wisdom literature.

Some well-known verses include:  “If I am only for myself, who am I? (1:14)” and “Say little and do much (1:15).” “The world stands on three things: Torah, service and acts of loving kindness (1:2)  and “You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it (2:21).”

Join Rabbi Rachel Greengrass all summer long on Tuesday nights from 7:00–8:30 pm to study these ancient, yet modern, words of wisdom together.

No charge, but kindly RSVP to Janice Baisman at jbaisman@tbam.org

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