GAB Group (Girls & Boys)

Attention all 4th grade Boys and Girls (and parents too) the GAB Group — kids and parents gathering monthly to talk about books, to gab about what we're reading — and we hope you'll join us.

You may have heard about our traditional Mother/Daughter book clubs where girls and Moms have been meeting for years to talk about books (discussions that are heated, funny, full of meaning, and/or just silly, but always fun!).

Now, we'll be gabbing plenty about the books we read, but this crowd of 4th graders will be made up of boys and girls together (psst: that's what GAB stands for: girls and boys) joined by either parent for regular get-togethers that promise to be awesome.

Check the Library Calendar for future GAB sessions. Call the library at 786.264.6543, or email for program details.

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