Our Specialists

Wendy Baumgard — Early Childhood Science

Wendy Baumgard loves working with children and wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember. She has numerous years of experience in both public school and Temple Beth Am Day School. Wendy received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Florida International University, and she is certified in several areas including Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Additionally, she holds a Level 2 Judaic Certificate from the Center for Advancement of Jewish Education. Wendy combines academics with Jewish values by teaching her students not only to think, but to strive to be a mensch and have rachamim (compassion) toward others. She likes to read, go to the theater, listen to music and enjoys bicycle riding with her husband. One of Wendy's greatest joys in life is spending time with her grandchildren.

Jackie Berney — Elementary School Music

Jackie Berney, who has more than 30 years of teaching experience, received her degree in education from Washington University in St. Louis and is certified as a Music Specialist by the state of Florida. She is fluent in Hebrew and understands the liturgy since she has studied Tanach. Jackie is also certified on multiple levels as a Jewish Reform Educator. Among her many loves are her youth choirs which bring her great joy. Grounded in Jewish values, this exemplary teacher nurtures students by sharing her passion for Judaism and music. Jackie skillfully leads holiday services, minyan and life cycle events, and she mentors Hebrew and B'nai Mitzvah students. Jackie has received a National Hadassah Leadership Award for Exemplary Deeds and was honored by Temple Beth Am as a Woman of Valor.

Giobana Cuenca — Elementary School Learning Specialist

Giobana Cuenca was born in Colombia and raised in Miami. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Florida International University. During her graduate studies, Giobana worked as a Reading Interventionist for a private tutoring company, where she provided evidence-based intervention programs in a one-on-one setting with students 5–10 years of age. She has received training in Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing, Running Records and is a Certified Cogmed Coach. She has experience working with children diagnosed with specific learning disorders and attention issues. Giobana practices a multi-sensory and research based teaching approach with her students. She strongly believes that with the right approach, every child has the capacity to thrive academically and reach his/her fullest potential. In her free time, Giobana enjoys running, yoga and gardening.

Jaime Dreilinger — Elementary School Learning Specialist

Jaime Dreilinger is a Florida certified Educator with a teaching certificate in Exceptional Student Education, Pre-Kindergarten/Primary Education, and an Endorsement in Pre-Kindergarten with Disabilities. She received her Master of Education degree in Early Childhood and Bachelor of Education in Special Education from the University of Florida. She is currently completing her Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership at Nova Southeastern University. She has taught both Special Education and General Education and enjoys helping children to thrive in their developmental and cognitive learning. She values her time spent helping children to achieve overall growth and success. Jaime is a Miami native and lives here with her husband, Aaron, and their three children: Derek, Jadon and Aviva. She is happy to be a part of all aspects of the Temple Beth Am community as a Day School Teacher, parent and congregant. In her free time, Jaime enjoys art and photography, cooking and spending time with her family.

Hilary Haber Educational Technology Integrator

Hilary Haber is a Florida certified educator with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Miami, a minor in Sociology as well as a Masters in Educational Technology from Nova Southeastern University. Hilary has been teaching for 11 years, and previously taught third grade and kindergarten. For the past nine years, Hilary has been infusing technology and 21st century skills into the classroom. She co-taught in all grades, preschool to fifth grade, where she helped facilitate the addition of iPads into the classroom curriculum. Hilary believes in the 4 C's or "super skills" of 21st century learning: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. She quotes Socrates, "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." In her free time, Hilary loves to spend quality time with her family — her husband, Aaron, and their two children, Jordyn and Jacob.

Jeremy Ivans — Elementary School Physical Education

Jeremy Ivans is certified in Physical Education for grades K-12, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Education. Jeremy has worked with children of all ages for many years, including summer camps, high school girls' basketball coaching, and elementary P.E. at Temple Beth Am Day School. He is very passionate about helping children try a sport or game activity that they may feel is challenging for them. Seeing a look of satisfaction after accomplishing a personal goal is priceless to him. Jeremy follows football, basketball, professional wrestling, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Jeremy is an avid Florida State Seminole football fan, and he enjoys rooting for his alma mater. Jeremy loves working with children and has a great love for sports and recreation. He truly enjoys being active on a daily basis and participating with young people as they develop and grow in the gym or on the field.

Rebeca Jimenez — Elementary School STEM Assistant

Rebeca Jimenez was born and raised in Miami, where she is currently a student at Miami Dade College. She has an Associates in Arts, and is working toward her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. As member of a very large Cuban-American family, Rebeca discovered her patience and love of children through babysitting her many cousins (she has 47 paternal first cousins). She is very passionate about teaching, and hopes to one day publish children's books. Her hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, and shopping.

Keith Krotenberg — STEM Teacher

Keith Krotenberg was born and raised in Miami. After graduating from Florida State University in 2001, he moved back to his hometown to begin his teaching career. After substituting for a few years, he decided to pursue teaching as a full-time occupation. As a middle school science teacher in the Dade County public school system, Keith learned to turn ordinary science lessons into exciting, information-packed lectures and labs. After coming to Temple Beth Am, and being trained in the Pitsco education curriculum, he has learned to combine the Pitsco lab-based curriculum, and his unique lecture style to create a memorable educational experience for all of his students. Keith is married and has three children, 4-year-old twins and a six-year-old.

Amy Kutell — Elementary School Art Teacher/Specialist

Raised in upstate New York, Amy Kutell has called South Florida her home since 1991. An art educator since 1996, she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Cornell University and her Master’s in Art Education from Florida International University. Amy enjoys sharing her love of art with students of all ages, and engages her students with cross curricular multi-media art lessons of all types. When not teaching or making art she enjoys long walks with her family and dog Tripper, cooking, gardening, reading and traveling. Stop by Room 109 anytime to see what’s happening at the TBAM Art Studio!

Craig Mankoff — Elementary School Physical Education

Craig Mankoff was born and raised in Rye Brook, NY, a suburb of New York City. He moved to Florida to attend the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he majored in Journalism, and also began his coaching career as a volunteer assistant at a local high school. Since graduating from UF, Craig has taught and coached in New York, California and Florida, and most recently was the Athletic and Physical Education Director at Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach. In addition, Craig is continuing his education at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, where he is pursuing an MBA in Sports Management. Craig is passionate about athletics and education, and credits his teachers, coaches and athletic experiences in elementary, middle and high school for helping shape his values today as an individual and an educator. At Temple Beth Am Day School, it is Craig's goal to give students the experiences, skills and tools to enjoy and learn the lifelong benefits of Physical Education, while also helping them succeed in the classroom, at home and in the community. In his free time, Craig enjoys playing basketball and tennis, reading, and following Florida Gators' football and basketball.

Debbie Roman — Elementary Enrichment Specialist

Debbie Roman is a Florida certified educator with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Education degree in Exceptional Student Education from Kean University in Union, New Jersey. She also holds a Level 2 Judaica Certificate. After working as a learning consultant for several years in Bridgewater-Raritan, NJ, Debbie moved with her husband and two young children (Beth Am graduates) to Miami, where she began teaching first and second grade at Temple Beth Am Day School. After more than 30 years here, she still is amazed at the enjoyment that teaching brings to her life. Debbie is intellectually curious, versatile, sensitive and, above all else, constantly challenging her students. She sets high expectations while encouraging each child to persist and strive to reach his/her personal goals. The old saying that “inquiring minds want to know” defines Debbie’s philosophy about what she wants her students to achieve. To these ends, she has dedicated her career. In addition to her love of teaching, Debbie enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and spending time with her family.

Patti Sacks — Early Childhood & Kindergarten Music

Patti Sacks graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. She maintains an active membership in CAJE, where she was the recipient of the CAJE Targum Shlishi Teacher Excellence and Creativity Award. Patti has always had an intrinsic connection with children and tries to see the world through their eyes by creating loving and sensory stimulating experiences that will empower them to grow toward themselves and others. She has created a great wealth of her own materials and writes original music, stories, poems, plays and programs that give every child the chance to shine. With the exception of her own children, teaching multiple generations of unlocked treasures has brought Patti the greatest sense of accomplishment and infinite optimism where every day is a good day when she is teaching a group of precious, energetic children for whom nothing is impossible. She finds it a rare and sacred privilege to connect with these “little people,” who will someday change the face of tomorrow. In addition to this rewarding career, she has a beautiful, supportive family, six grandchildren and, with whatever time is left, she spends her time hiking, gardening, meditating, writing and thanking God for it all.

Liora Vogel — Elementary School Spanish

Liora holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Universidad del Nuevo Mundo. She brings knowledge, experience and creativity to her profession every day. A Mexico City, Mexico native, Liora earned her Child Development Associate credential while working at Temple Beth Day School. A loving mother of three children, she is driven to learn new and creative ways to educate the children in her class. Liora is trilingual, fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.