Our Judaic Studies Program

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      Our Vision

1.    The responsibility to convey Jewish education is a sacred trust, and an opportunity to share in the life-affirming, vibrant traditions of the Jewish people. At Temple Beth Am Day School, we feel this responsibility profoundly and we work diligently and lovingly to create the finest day school experience in the country.
2.    Students will develop a love and hunger for Jewish knowledge and experiences, and a pride in being Jewish.
3.    Our students will become Judaically literate and develop a deep appreciation for and a commitment to full participation in the life of a Reform synagogue and a Jewish community.

      Our Students

The greatest success in Jewish education and experience is accomplished through a strong partenership with each child's family. With the help of our teachers, administration, clergy and — most importantly — you, we inculcate the finest Jewish values and knowledge in our students. 

At Temple Beth Am Day School your child will:

• Develop a strong knowledge of Judaism.
• Gain a profound sense of Jewish spirituality.
• Enjoy the process of Jewish learning.

      Our Educational Goals

There are seven areas of academic emphasis within our school:

1.    Hebrew: Our students are able to decode Hebrew, have prayer fluency and are able to have a basic conversation in modern Hebrew.
2.    Prayer: We stress both skills and comfort with liturgy, and a comprehension of the nature and creativity of Jewish prayer.
3.    Bible: We strive for knowledge and fluency with our sacred texts.
4.    Shabbat and Festivals: Both their ritual and history are essential in fostering appreciation and understanding of meaningful observance.
5.    Mitzvot: We teach a commitment to learning and living Jewish commandments in relevant ways.
6.    Israel and Community: We encourage all students to develop a close connection with our eternal homeland and with Diaspora Jewish communities.
7.    Gemilut Chasadim: We emphasize menchlakite (being a good person) amongst our student body. Treating one another with kindness is expected in the classrooms, on the playground and extends to those beyond our community. Each grade has a different social justice (tzedakah) theme in which our students learn about the injustices of the world and work to repair them.

Grade Tzedakah Value

Kindergarten Tza'ar Ba'alei Chaim Caring for animals
1st grade Tikkun Olam Repairing the World
2nd grade Tamhui Ensuring everyone has nourishing
meals and a safe place to eat
3rd grade Kol Yisrael Aruvim Zeh b'Zeh All Israel is responsible one for the other
4th grade Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof The pursuit of Justice
5th grade Gemilut Chasadim Doing good deeds for others


Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people and it connects us to our past.  The Hebrew language and prayer unites us with a sacred commonality.  Our program integrates Hebrew and prayer into each classroom session and brings us together as a community each time we meet. Each grade builds on the prior year of Hebrew learning, though each student is taught at his or her own pace. Hebrew tutoring is available if needed.

Students gain confidence when attending our Shabbat services when they are familiar with our congregational Siddur.  We accomplish this by offering K-2 an immersion style multi-intelligence curriculum.  Grades 3-5 move onto liturgical prayer Hebrew while maintaining their modern Hebrew studies.


One of the most beautiful aspects of our school is that it is part of a community. This is felt in our grade level participation in leading Shabbat services and holiday celebrations with the greater Temple Beth Am community. It is felt in our clergy- and student-led schoolwide gatherings on Monday for Havdallah and Friday for Kabbalat Shabbat. It is felt in our weekly grade level tefila (prayer service) where we pray from our student-created prayer book. And it is felt in our classrooms where we begin each day with morning prayer and song rituals.