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Important Campus Update

A message from Robert Hersh
Executive Director, Temple Beth Am


I hope your summer has been filled with family, friends, visits to new places or just enjoying time together. As summer begins to wind down, I want to share with you the exciting progress we have made this summer in preparing for our “Beyond the Curve” transformation and give you insight as to some changes we will make during this exciting time.

Following our incredibly successful Beth Am Summer Camps, we are now ready to go into full gear for Beyond the Curve.

The Beginning: Starting the week of August 1st, we will begin demolition of the Hessel Family Youth Complex and the rerouting of all of our traffic and carpool patterns.  

Traffic Flow: All entrances and exits to the campus will be through the East gate (this is where our security guardhouse is located). The West gate, where you typically exited previously, will become our construction entrance and exit with its own security.

Security: Construction workers will NOT come through our main entrance or work on our campus other than behind the construction wall that we have erected to separate the campus into two sections: 1) the school and religious life complex buildings and 2) the construction site. NO ONE will be permitted on the construction site except the workers, and NO ONE from the construction company will be permitted onto our main campus.

We have put several security protocols in place that will have constant surveillance to make sure these boundaries are secured. Moss Construction, a nationally renowned company, will be doing the construction. One of the reasons for hiring them is their strong commitment to security. They will work directly with Sharón Levi, our Director of Security, on a regular basis. We also have hired Amicon Management as our Owner’s Representative, who will be our partner in managing this project.

Parking Access: The second change will be parking access. There will now be very specific parking areas (with clearly delineated No Parking areas). There is visitor parking, teacher parking and employee parking. (See Parking Map below) Please be mindful of these areas. Do not park in the marked carpool area. I am providing you with a map of the delineated parking areas so you will know where parking is available. Maps also will be available at the guardhouse as you come in. Signs will be placed in each area to make their location easy to find. We hope you will consider carpooling or using ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft, especially during busy times. It will help everyone!

Learn More: We are building something special here, something unique, something that ensures that the Jewish community of South Dade doesn’t just survive but continues to lead. Beyond the Curve will provide our home, our social center and a bustling metropolis of Jewish culture, education, creativity and spirituality. While we will have moments of inconvenience and stress as we build this future, I ask you to look BEYOND THE CURVE to see just how exhilarating and exciting this will be for our collective futures and those of our children and grandchildren. Be sure to visit our website tbam.org/beyondthecurve.

Looking forward to seeing you on campus!

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